When contacting me to book a shoot, please include the following:

Date and Time of the shoot requested?

How many hours you want to shoot for? (Full day – 8 hours/Half Day – 4 hours)

Location of the shoot and the nearest train station?

Pay/Budget for the shoot? and Is travel covered?

What style/s did you want to shoot?

Anything I may need to bring with me?

Please send a mood board if possible?Hair and Make-up ideas?

Do you want me to style myself? or will you provide a MUA? or would you like me to suggest an MUA?

Group Shoot/Workshop

Please let me know in advance if it’s a workshop Or Group Shoot (More than 1 Photographer),Don’t give me a surprise on shooting Location, I don’t like Surprises. My fees is different for Group Shoot Or Workshop (More than 1 Photographer). please inquire abt it before planning the shoot.

LIMITS and Things I don’t do:

No pornography, crotch shots, ‘orgasm faces’ or ‘spread’ shots.

Anything construed as fetish

Pose with other models – male or female – unless I know them and it is previously agreed

I’m passionate about creating artistic, emotive and evocative imagery. Please use my portfolio as a guide to my comfort limits. 

I retain the right to turn down concepts that I deem to be tacky, cheesy, or silly. If you require further clarification of my boundaries, please feel free to ask. 

Model Release / Any forms you  may want me  to sign

I am happy to sign a model release for you but please Discuss this before.  I am not charging a commercial rate for my shoots nor do I want to be on any pay-sites.

Other Considerations

All nude shoots must be on private property or have a reasonable expectation of privacy unless explicitly discussed and agreed upon.

If you choose to end our shoot early, my fee will not be prorated.

I always arrive at shoots with hair and makeup ready and any agreed wardrobe items/props in hand – unless otherwise discussed.

I do not discuss/organise/negotiate shoots over the phone, it is important for me to have the conversation history in writing so I can easily refer back to it! 

I accept cash, Bank Transfer, TransferWise,PayPal or Western union but please add service fee of this website too.

I have never cancelled a tour or booking, but if I ever do your deposit will be immediately returned in full. 

Cancellation Policy:

I do request a standard 25% deposit to secure a booking – until this deposit has been received the booking is not considered confirmed. The remaining balance is due at the shoot.

If you cancel within 1 week. advance is non-refundable but we can rearrange the shoot & you pay me remaining 75%. if I have paid my own travel up front and this was to be returned to me on the day of the shoot, then this will also be due to be returned to me.

If you cancel within 48 hours of the shoot – the day of the shoot i will require 100% off the fee, what we agreed in full plus any travel fees that were agreed if i’ve already paid out for this.  I will again be happy to rebook this to a time and date that suits us both and come to a new arrangement for the new rates.


~ Photographers that prefer models to be quiet and just look nice probably shouldn’t book me… because I am what a few people have called ‘fussy’ – otherwise known as – attentive, i.e. I have great attention to detail and endeavour to work together with photographers to build the strongest images. I can offer a lot extra to a shoot than just my physical appearance, and this is something most people value about working with me.~ I don’t believe that just because you pay a model, he/she should do anything you want (though this isn’t an issue if you check ideas and concepts prior to the shoot). If I feel uncomfortable with anything or it’s not to my taste, I will adapt the idea or suggest something else.

~Please Note I am not a Machine & I don’t like MachineGun Photographer (Photographer who wants to take five thousand Photographs in 1hour), I need 5 Minute Break Every 1 Hour for my Tea Or Coffee. (Please offer it ) Show me Some Photos in Between its Because I want to check if my Jewellery didn’t Turn or if I posing Correctly as u won’t notice it because it might new for you.

~Indian Jewellery & Costume to wear it takes time..so please keep patience

~ Plz dont book me if You want to touch me. This should be obvious, but unfortunately it isn’t for many people. I’m not talking only about sexual touching, but also even a slight touch on my shoulder or knee makes me feel very uncomfortable when I’m already in the vulnerable position of being naked or almost naked, and alone with someone I haven’t met before. If you’re looking for a model who you can direct by touching her, book someone else. This is especially important if I’m tied up as that puts me in an even more vulnerable position. And yes, it’s possible to tie up someone without touching them more than is necessary. Again, if you want to use a bondage shoot as an excuse to feel a model’s breasts, book a model who consents to that. I don’t.

~I do not shoot indecent images. I dont want open leg shots or full frontal and i make an agreement with anyone i shoot with that if you by any chance get shots showing anything unwanted (labia ) these will be deleted and not used. I put a lot of trust into the photographers I work with to respect my desires. if you are unsure about anything please ask!! (to ensure no career damage or relationship damage for all parties involved).

~I ask that the images we take are not added to any adult orientated pay-site / members site, patreon or onlyfans etc..

~No nude ( Private Parts) Visible on Social media, (Social Networking sites,(https://makeawebsitehub.com/social-media-sites/) Youtube etc.

~ copying photos & posting on Pornography site is criminal offense. I dont work in Porn industry. photographer should not book me if they want to sell my photographs on pornography site whether I am nude or not nude.

~ I dont shoot videos, No behind the shoots when I am Naked, unless u have separate contract for tht or we previously agreed on our conversation.

~Please let me know before hand if you gonna use images commercially.

~My Ethnicity will not be published

Thank you!