Success anyhow is the basic rule of our industry. It is no more an Indian film industry, it’s a global industry now. People from all over the world are coming to be a part of this industry or to create their identity in our industry. Nothing is easy here and nothing is impossible too. This is what I feel when I look at myself. Being a small-town girl. I never thought that I could be a part of this dream world. And today I realize no matter whats ur height, skin color, or if you are from any small town, no matter if you don’t have any Godfather. The only thing matters here is your talent, self-confidence, & how you chase your dream. I did the same. Chasing my dream.

Ultimately modelling, acting or dancing is a form of an art. There might be different ways to express these various arts but the basics are always same. We have only nine emotions all over the world and expressing those emotions in any form is going to be similar in one or the other way. there is a rhythm in everything. In modelling we hold the expressions or try to express with no emotions on face but with pride and attitude in acting we go with the flow of the emotions and in dance, we express through our face and body both in rhythm. So this rhythm and emotions are part of your expressions.

I don’t care what people think about me? If I will start thinking that then what people will do. No work for them…Lol so think about me, admire me, dream about me.